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We integrate third party Artifical Intelligence Services (Sovren, AWS) to help speed-up and automate your business.


With Search Engine Optimisation we work to improve your website ranking on key search engines.

Web Security

Online presence requires protection against vulnerabilities and external threats. Our web security implementation reduces these risks to keep you online.

Responsive Design

Working with Bootstrap we scale your websites and applications with a single code base that automatically adjusts for viewing on all devices. We aim to deliver a mobile first site.


We have implemeted GDPR requirements for several clients and can help you understand its implications for your data and business needs.

Web Apps

Web applications are becoming an essential part of most websites. Our expertise of web-frameworks like Ruby on Rails will help you quickly get web applications incorprated into your website.

Our Team

Richard Dickson

CTO & Lead Developer

Michael Taylor


Mark Goodliffe

Senior Consultant