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At Jump Shot everything we build is mobile ready and cost friendly. We also believe in keeping our customers happy. If you don't like what we build, you don't pay, it's that simple!







Three Reasons to Choose Jump Shot







#1 Responsive Design



We use the world's leading responsive design template, Bootstrap, for everything we build. This means whatever device you use, your website will always fit the screen perfectly, and be easy to navigate, scroll and click.

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#2 Fixed Price



We offer fixed price quotes, so there's no need to worry about any hidden costs. In other words, if we need to put in extra time, or buy extra services, that's our problem, not yours.

What's Included?

  •  All development costs

  •  Secure hosting of your site

  •  Free bug-fixing

  •  Mass email integration

  •  Ongoing maintenance







#3 Happy Customers



At Jump Shot we go 'all in' to make sure our clients and customers are 100% happy with what we deliver. That's why we promise that if you don't like our work, you don't pay for it.


It really is that simple!







What People Say About Working With Us



Jump Shot Consulting were extremely knowledgeable and professional to work with. They understood our needs as a customer and we are very pleased with the end result.


Josua Falck, CEO, SIPU International



We went one stage further and asked Jump Shot to develop our course administration system - a web-based app where we have a complete overview of our courses. The system is really easy to use and good value for money.


Elisabeth Dahlström, CFO, SIPU – Mariebergs Arkivbyrå


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